Annie You Already Got Your Gun…and Shot Yourself In the Foot With It

Well ladies and gentleman here we are again. Two trailers in one day! I am on a roll, now mind you it’s the summer time and I really have nothing better to- I mean I do this for fun… I took time out of my busy schedule. I can’t even type busy and schedule in the same sentence with a straight face. Anyways lets delve in shall we?

Well ladies and gentleman it’s finally here…Annie. Oh boy. Now most of us probably had high hopes for this movie, mostly because we’ve seen the 1982 version with Carol Burnett and Albert Finney. Some people loved that version and some people were Communists and hated it. Just saying. Now this post may seem to be more of a critique and an opinion, but I’m just stating what I see. What I see so far, is not up to par in my opinion.

Well clearly they have updated the story of Annie for our more modern times. Our little Annie is played by the young beauty Quvenzhané Wallis. Now you might remember her from Beasts of The Southern Wild which was a beautiful movie in its own right. Our Daddy Warbucks who is not actually Daddy Warbucks is played by Jamie Foxx. That’s right his name is not Daddy Warbucks, it’s Benjamin Stacks who is in the running to be mayor. How delightful. Now the lovely Miss Hannigan is played by Cameron Diaz…there are no words. Actually there are a few and I will delve more into those later.

The story seems to go as follows, as presented by the trailer, Benjamin Stacks (Foxx) is in the running to become mayor of whatever city it is this story is inhabiting. In order to gain votes for his campaign and I would guess soften his image he begins to “hang out” with our young Annie. Mr. Stacks has an assistant as is called for in an Annie movie played by Rose Byrne. Byrne’s character who is named Grace begins to notice that Stacks is beginning to care for and love little Annie. Awww what a surprise. Annie is just excited she may now have home and someone who loves her, after of course convincing Stacks that it would be better for his image if she actually lived with him. Miss Hannigan of course is trying to sway Stacks in her favor, which clearly does not work. Just when things are getting lovey dovey it seems that Annie’s parents have been found. Oh no. What happens after…who knows? I’d say about almost everyone but whatever.

Now to delve into what we see in this trailer. For one Cameron Diaz is an awful Miss Hannigan. Just…no. Her delivery of her lines, and effort to be funny just are hit or miss. And there seem to be a lot of misses in this trailer. I understand the trying to make this movie fun and cute, but Lord have high mercy Cameron Diaz’s bad acting is not funny nor cute. It’s simply annoying. Also her trying to command the kids around…just is not convincing. She’s not scary. Carol Burnett she was scary when she commanded the kids around, Cameron Diaz seems like a way older sister who’s trying to get her annoying siblings out of the way so she canoodle with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend that does not exist.

The second problem I have is, they auto-tuned Quvenzhané Wallis. The whole allure of Annie to me is the natural voice of a child, and there ability to sing the classic songs of Annie with their natural talent. Ms. Wallis is a young wonderful actress but if she cannot sing, why was she cast for this part? It’s the age old story of casting someone in a part because they are now “hot” or new to the scene and people like them. The fact that they auto-tuned ‘Tomorrow’ is very disappointing. The other problem is that the auto-tuning is extremely blatant. They didn’t try to hid it or anything, it’s just right in your face.

This movie will probably be great to go see with the kids, but as far as seeing it because you want to see how it holds up to the other Annie. Do not do it. You’ll be disappointed. Heck, I’m already disappointed with the trailer. The acting seems a little dull…to be nice. The movie itself just seems so fake. Movies are known for making one feel like they’re in another world or watching another piece of reality. This movie just seems like…a movie. There’s no realness to it. I would have hoped they did better, but I guess I was wrong. Who knows, I could be wrong now. Maybe the movie will be great, but this trailer isn’t giving me high hopes.

Well that does it for this post. Join us next time, which will probably be soon because I have no life during the summer. Alright y’all catch ya later!


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