Dawn of an Age Old War Story

Well here we are. Our first look into a trailer together…I think I’m crying. Oh wait no, just had to sneeze. Anyways lets take a lookie see what we have here.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, it was my first post (YIPEE). Go check it out first and then you make your way back here. You silly goose.

In the trailer we see the Caesar and his buddies have clearly developed into some pretty smart primates. Caesar can talk, though you can tell that it is a bit difficult for him. Now whether that is the lack of vocabulary or just the fact he’s a monkey who can now talk, who knows? It’s probably just a bit of both, but really how hard can it be for him to talk? I have a little monkey who talks to me all the time, it calls me its sister. Weird.

Anyways we are also now introduced to the new world of the humans. The human race has been cut back just a smidge due to the disease that was introduced in the first movie. As said in the trailer the disease was man made in a laboratory, which is also a quick shot back to the first movie. Now clearly it looks a little post apocalyptic around there, but you can always count on us humans to find guns. We do our Second Amendment proud I tell ya.

The primates still live in their little forest. As a small part of the trailer shows they have begun to reproduce. They are shaping into a society all their own. How much longer can the woods sustain them, and their found intellectuality?

Now in these desperate times you can always count on that crazy gun toting voice of reason to be there, and that voice is aptly played by Gary Oldman. Well may be he isn’t that crazy, or a great voice of reason. It’s just the age old tale of a man/race pushed to the point of desperation, who are willing to point the fingers at everyone but themselves. Everyone here of course being Caesar played by Andy Serkis and his Einstein primate friends. Now our good hairy friend Caesar does not want to go to war, as stated in the trailer by our assumed protagonist Jason Clark. He is too intelligent to want war…I think I just picked up a little moral theme or some type moral lesson. Smart people do not want to go to war…until it is absolutely necessary. Now throughout the trailer we are introduced to Jason Clark’s character who has not yet been formally introduced, but IMDB has let me know his name is Malcolm. Now Malcolm wants peace with the primates and he believes that humans and primates can coexist together and live in harmony. Now how often does that tend to work out in these films? Lets see no war…no special effects and awesome battle moves to attract crowds. Well it looks like we have our answer. No no no, this movie can’t all be tension of whether or not they go to war that would make this some type of “intellectual artsy” movie. No there must be a war and the trailer foreshadows that same thing. It does more than foreshadow it gives you a small little glimpse into the war itself.

Well here we have the age old tale of two sides, here it’s species, both at some point of desperation. One is immediately going towards the idea of war, and the other would like to steer clear. In the middle we have a neutral party, most likely from the side that is itching for war. This neutral party wishes to make peace not war and try to coexist. In the end we all know that coexisting is not going to work. The two sides go to war, and I think we all know who wins here. I mean *spoiler alert* but come on now…the title even gives you an idea. There’s a movie called Planet of The Apes that existed before this one and its predecessor. I’m just saying.

All in all the movie definitely looks entertaining. Even though it would seem we have most of the movie figured out, it may not be that simple. Mind you the director is not J.J. Abrams keep everything a darn secret and making us all wait and spend money. So we can expect that most things are probably straightforward like the trailer, but who knows there could be a few surprises headed our way.

Stay tuned the movie comes out July 11th. I hope it’s a good one. Thank you for sticking with me through this post. I hope you don’t regret it and if you do I regret writing it for you…really I do. But if you loved it and wish for more than I loved writing it for you! Come back and hear from us again why don’t you?! Make sure you follow the blog, I’ll be back and so should you!



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