Guardians of The Galaxy…and My Heart

What is the this the fourth review? Well well well, the fourth review. Crazy to believe that we’re already on four right?! Amazing! Not to mention I have two more to do after this one…no really lets not mention that right now. I just got over excited with the trailers, I couldn’t help myself. Lets just start off with this one shall we?

Alright well here it is the Guardians of The Galaxy trailer. It’s been out for quite awhile already. The movie comes out on August 1st, and someone is excited. And that someone is me…oh wait were you excited too? Oh, well I wasn’t originally talking about you but whatever, geez selfish. Want the spotlight all to yourself? I want to see this movie too you know. Gosh. I mean this is kind of my blog…oh whatever. Lets move on, and be in a sharing mood shall we?

The trailer  makes the movie look promising. Throughout the trailer each one of the “Guardians” gets introduced, and they are all some real criminals. I love it.

First up is Drax the Destroyer who is played by Dave Bautista. Now I’ve been a fan of this man for years due to my wrestling background. I’m excited to see him play a hero, even if he’s a little small time. Drax has been going on a rampage for revenge ever since his family was murdered.Oh a big guy who had a family now going on a rampage for revenge…original. Ehh it makes for a good character in the group.

Then we have Gamora played by Zoe Saldana. I love Colombiana…which is why I love Ms. Saldana. Gamora is a soldier and an assassin. Of course she’s the super sleek and small assassin who is more deadly than she looks. Can’t have a hero movie without one of those.

Then we have Rocket the little raccoon with a bad attitude. He’s probably my favorite out of all of them so far, even though he doesn’t even say a word in the trailer. He’s wanted for vehicular theft and being good at escaping. My kind of guy…animal…thing. He’s voiced by Bradley Cooper. I mean the scene where he’s on Groot’s shoulder blasting people away with a machine gun is awesome!!!

Groot, played by Vin Diesel is easily my other favorite. In the trailer he looks like a nice little tree. We find out he’s Rocket’s muscle and is a force to be reckoned with.  I always love the duo where one has a bad attitude and the other seems to be a nice guy. It’s funny because the smaller of the two tends to be the one with the attitude, while the bigger one is usually the pleasant one. I wonder if there’s a duo like that in this movie…

Lastly we have Peter Quill or Starlord played by Chris Pratt. Starlord is clearly part comedic relief, part awesome criminal. His little debacle with the alien thing that puts on his headphones shows that the guy has juevos. Oh and the little finger trick in front of the cops…oh yes. Pratt looks like he got pretty buff for the role. Yes. Please.

We also get a quick glimpse of Benicio Del Toro’s character Taneleer Tivan/ The Collector. Now he’s appeared in other Marvel films, namely Thor. Oh wait just Thor? Yeah just Thor and now Guardians of The Galaxy.I sense that we might see some more of him later.

We are not introduced to Ronan who is the main antagonist in the movie, he is played by Lee Pace. Oh yes more eye candy! Apparently Starlord steals something that Ronan wants, which starts a manhunt for Starlord. This is why I love IMDB, it tells me things my trailer friends won’t.

Alright this trailer looks like there’s no real story to it. They just wanted to introduce you to the characters and then show off some actions scenes. I have no problem with that. With this type of Marvel superhero movie it’s always good not to reveal the story and just show off the action. The action is what draws in the crowds…and me. I think the trailer makes the movie look pretty good. There’s a part where Drax is being held up in the air by somebody, and Drax looks like a pretty strong guy. Then there’s some scenes where some assassin like agility is shown off, and some awesome space swords. All in all I like the trailer.

It’s a good trailer for an action movie. I just hope that the movie explains itself well because you don’t really get an explanation from the trailer. You just know that the “Guardians” got arrested and they are hardcore criminals. Oh and they are causing some havoc in prison. We also know that whoever put the trailer together knows how to put good music to a trailer to make it even better.  I also might want to add that Marvel is clearly trying to make all these movies for a super movie later on, which would explain DC’s trying to make an array of individual hero movies so they can make the Justice League. Everyone’s trying to push the hero movies out so they can have a big epic movie with all the heroes. A movie that could be even more epic than The Avengers…mind officially blown.

Well all in all I hope the movie turns out great, the trailer is cool. I want to go see the movie after watching it. I could do without the 3D, and I probably will.  I hope everyone goes to check this one out.

Come back again for some more reviews! See ya!



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