Hey there ladies and gents, I’m sorry to report that my computer is down right now. It has been down all week due to a break in my charger. Not even the computer itself, the freakin charger. I’m serious.

Therefore the posts for this week are going to have to be postponed to next week. Sorry guys, but now this means I’m doing four trailers next week…yay. I know I could do the posts on my phone, but you guys see how much I write. I can’t do all that amazing on a phone. Plus I hate typing on my phone. There would be more mistakes than ever in the posts. I’ve actually already written out the posts, and I might end up doing them on my phone. Who knows? It’s just a real pain. I’m sorry guys, no means to disappoint but crap happens.

Until I get a new charger I’m going to try to find other means to  write up these posts. Cause I just realized that typing on my phone sounds better than 4 posts next week. Ciao for now guys!


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