Kingsman: The Secret Service

Day #2 of out week long trailer reviews and today we’re doing Kingsman: The Secret Service. I’m a little biased because the film has Colin Firth in it and I adore him sooooo….yeah understand that now. Anyways moving on!

Alright now I did a little digging and found out that this movie is loosely based on a comic book, and I mean very loosely based. Seriously loosely based. The relationships in the movie are nothing like the ones in the comic book. So all you die hard fans that know what comic I’m talking about I’m warning you now to be prepared. All of you who don’t know what I’m talking about…you still don’t know what I’m talking about and if you want to know do a little digging. Nah I’m not that mean. The comic book is called The Secret Service by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

We open up the trailer to hear Colin Firth describing someone…I think he’s describing the really clean cut looking kid who’s supposed to be some little criminal. Why is he so pretty? Seriously? Couldn’t he look a little sleazy, like a tad bit. He’s too clean cut to look like a complete criminal. Now supposedly this kid is smart, but he gave up in school. He got involved with drugs and little petty crimes. Oh and get this he’s never had a job. So how does he have a clean hair cut? Why does he look like he just stepped out of the salon? Seriously come on guys? Like, come on! Moving on.

Then we hear that kid is on a certain path that he doesn’t need to stay on. Oooo I wonder if their going to offer to make him into a super spy for the British government? Oh wait they are! See I knew I was psychic. Now the young actor who is playing the protagonist of the movie’s name is Taron Egerton. He plays Eggsy. Now Eggsy is released from jail and while walking down the steps sees Colin Firth leaning against the wall. Eggsy asks him who he is. Now I don’t know about you but when I see a guy leaning against a wall who clearly doesn’t look like he belongs there I ask questions, but not out loud. I look and keep walking. But hey we’re in movie land right? This kid’s intuition gets the best of him and he asks who Colin Firth is. I don’t even want to know what Colin Firth’s character’s name is I just want to keep saying Colin Firth. I just love that he’s in this movie. He’s in another trailer I might be doing as well.

Really though Colin Firth’s character’s name is Lancelot…I love it!!! Moving on. Lancelot tells Eggsy that he’s the one who got him out of jail, then he walks off like a G! With his sophisticated glasses, umbrella (in sunny weather), and suave walk. Oh and not to mention the suit. Clearly this guy is no normal guy. He walks off and clearly Eggsy has to follow, it would ruin the movie if he didn’t.

Oh well maybe he doesn’t follow him. Looks like he was given directions to come to a tailor shop, but Eggsy already knows, Lancelot ain’t no tailor! Lancelot takes Eggsy to a mirror and tells him that he see potential like every other mentor like character. He tells Eggsy to pull the hook on the left and then the fun begins. Guns, gadgets, righteous looking suits, and glasses!!! A lighter that’s not something that electrifies people, but it’s a kick butt hand grenade.

The song on this trailer is killer. We find out that Lancelot operates with a secret service which works under the highest level of discretion. They’re called the Kingsman Agents, and they are the new knights. Which knights are pretty important in the UK. Then Mark Strong comes along and says that this room of boys in a super secret bedroom will be embarking on the most dangerous job interview of their lives…go frigging figure. I thought it would be more a of cake walk.

Then we see Eggsy getting ready to be run over by a train…wow they weren’t kidding. Hey don’t fail, you could die! Great. Anyways Michael Cain asks Lancelot if he felt sorry for Eggsy at that’s why he brought him along, Lancelot explains that Eggsy has just as much potential as any of the other preppy looking boys up for being a Kingsman. Oh look at that boy from the bottom competing against boys from the top to prove himself. Go underdog! Yay! Rich snobby people evil, petty thieves with high IQ’s good. Forget that they’re both on the same side for a moment.

Michael Cain tells Lancelot that Eggsy is just going to end up being humiliated. Which is also a big part of the hero journey, so go figure if it happens. There’s no way it can’t. Mark Strong goes on to say that the tests are going to push these boys to their limits and enhance their skills, but not in that order. They have to learn how to solve problems under pressure, like when one of your mates has no parachute. Oh boy he just explained the scene in the trailer!! Wooohoo! I actually would have wanted to wait for that surprise but whatever.

Then we get some cool action stuff, Lancelot stunning people with a bulletproof umbrella, and then Samuel L. Jackson with a lisp. Talking about how British people talk funny, oh wow the writers of this movie must be pretty witty. Then we get more awesome music, Lancelot loading a gun in a room full of people (HOT), a woman with prosthetic legs kicking butt, Michale Cain pressing a button, Lancelot getting something exploded in his face (I think it’s Lancelot, I hope not), and then possibly Eggsy scaling up walls. 

Then of course you have to end the trailer on a funny note with Eggsy stealing a hand grenade when Lancelot isn’t looking, and Lancelot telling him to put it back before they leave.

Overall the movie looks alright. I’m excited to see it. The action looks cool, it has a great cast. The movie isn’t out until October but I’m definitely excited!

October 24th, the action looks great and the acting looks pretty good! Check it out. It’s gonna be a good one!!


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