Fury…Quiet Intense Fury

“If you think it can’t get worse, it can and it will.”

Well that’s…that’s just fine and dandy. Hidee ho there ladies and gents, here we are with another trailer review. One of the ones I promised. This one is making up for the absence of yesterdays. Work has been killer, but that isn’t going to stop me from writing these trailer reviews for you! Let’s dive in shall we?

Today we’re diving into Fury, a historical war drama set in World War II. We have Brad Pitt leading this great cast, and the movie looks pretty good.

We open the trailer with that line in quotes up top, after a couple shots of tanks rolling against the horizon and a close up of Pitt. Sounds like this film is going to be a heart-warmer, somebody find the tissues! In this movie Pitt’s character is valiantly named Wardaddy. He’s a pretty little hardened war man ain’t he? We find out that there’s still killing yet to do and a war that still needs to be fought. Well it looks like Wardaddy has some férfiasság…or cojones. The first one is Hungarian, sorry. Basically Wardaddy promised his men that he would get them home safe. Seriously, you promise someone that not to mention a group of men when you’re at war? Real férfiasság, no joke.

In the next little part of the trailer we find out that Wardaddy and his crew are the only survivors out of the Third Platoon…seriously?! Dag! That’s crazy. No one else survived but the protagonists of the story, as to make them look even more awesome and tough. Go figure. Whoa Shia LaBouf looks hard in this movie, like life has turned him down. Geez!

Oh look it’s Logan Lermon, a little boy who is not hardened. Wonder if being with Wardaddy and his crew will turn that innocent looking boy into a hard little army man? I think it’s inevitable, or maybe he’ll break down mentally? That’s one of the questions this trailer immediately poses. I mean the kid flinches at the sound of blasts and bullets, and Wardaddy clearly doesn’t look happy about him tagging along. Lerman’s character is Ellison, the new kid on the block.

Wardaddy points to a tank and says that it is Ellison’s home. Oh look it’s named Fury. Right now Peter Griffin would be pointing that out, just like I am. Whoa Wardaddy went from Africa to Germany doing nothing but killing Natzis…oh wait Brad Pitt says that in that other World War II movie that shall not be mentioned. DARN YOU QUENTIN TARANTINO!!!!

Oops sorry, really I’m sorry. I should stick to this first before shouting out things like DARN YOU QUENTIN TARANTINO!!!!!

Oh crap, did it again. I really am sorry. Anyways Brad Pitt says Germans in this movie…thank goodness. Moving on!

Well Wardaddy has been with his group of men for years. Then we get the amazing dramatic trailer text, ugh I hate those. Then Jason Issacs, one of my all time crushes tells Wardaddy that if a certain group of German soldiers gets past him the American army will be “dead in the water.” That sounds bad…very bad. It has the word dead in it…that’s bad.

Well Wardaddy assures Ellison that he would never have him do something, that he himself did not have to do. Wardaddy and his men go through a series of checks, and then we see the innocence of Ellison conflict with his duties. A German with an RPG seems to pop up from the ground and be ready to shoot Fury. Now it’s Ellison’s job to shoot him down, but he’s hesitating. That hesitation gets him yelled at, which inevitably makes him shoot down the German and kill his first man.

“Deals are peaceful, history is violent.”

These are some well placed quotes, then again don’t they do that with every Brad Pitt movie? Or any movie really? It just seems that Brad Pitt is a poster child for saying amazing lines in trailers. He just has the face and voice for it. His trailer quotes are memorable for some reason. Shia LaBeouf really looks rough in this movie, I’m beginning to think that his character was in Ellison’s shoes not too long ago. Even though Wardaddy says he’s been with those men for a long time, I feel like Shia’s character is a baby-face, or at least was like Eliison not too long ago.

“It will end, soon. But before it does, a lot more people gotta die.”

I think a lot of Brad Pitt’s quotes in trailers are either brutally honest or funny. I think a lot of the characters he plays are brutally honest actually. Well Ellison is scared…so is Wardaddy. Wardaddy’s men love their job, and they have to fight 300 Germans by themselves. Wait what? Hold on. 300? Holy crap. 300 against 5, or 5 against 300. Either way the odds are never in their favor in that situation. So shut up Effie!! Anybody get it…the Hunger Games reference? Ehh? Anybody get the really corny and awful joke I just made?

Anyways we see a little action throughout the trailer, it looks good. Some suspense and yelling. The movie looks pretty good. I’m actually looking forward to it. It comes out November 14th and if you like historical dramas, the death of innocence, and Brad Pitt being brutally honest then go see it. Alright ladies and gents, peace!!



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