The Drop…It Like It’s Hot Or Lukewarm

Well the busiest part of my summer is over, and I can get back to writing for you lovely folks. This week is over…holy crap it’s over. Oh boy…mmm this is awkward. I didn’t do what I said I was going to do. That’s annoying. Alright let’s just delve into the next trailer shall we?

Well jumping in we start with Tom Hardy behind the bar giving away free drinks…I guess the economy has gotten good enough. Oh and money changes hands all night long in Brooklyn, so I guess the money situation there is alright. Oh wait it isn’t money you can deposit in the bank. Well the criminal economy there seems to be doing beautifully.

Hey!! It’s James Gandolfini!!!! Yay! One of the late great actors of his time, and this last decade or more. Gandolfini’s character is named Cousin Marv. He runs a “drop bar.” A bar where dirty money is dropped, to be picked up later by whoever owns it. Seems like a straightforward business. What could go…oh crap a robbery. Oh no. Cousin Marv tries to reason with the robbers, I mean they must not know who they’re stealing from. They’re stealing someone’s dirty money, and dirty people own dirty money. They are about to steal money from dirty people. Well the robbers take it anyway.

Now you know Cousin Marv and Tom Hardy’s character Bob can’t say anything to the cops. So what are they supposed to do? They’re between flashing blue lights, and some very dirty people. Not to mention these very dirty people own the drop bar, Marv just runs it. Back in the day Marv was a tough guy, but times have changed you gotta be tough and mean. Bob, he doesn’t seem like a tough guy, not only to Noomi Rapace, but not to me either. He seems like too much of a nice guy, but back in the day who knows? He used to run in a crew with Marv. Apparently Bob doesn’t live that life anymore, he just tends a bar.

These dirty guys who own the bar show up in a van with some guy in the back, and that guys doesn’t look too comfortable. They ask Bob and Marv if they know the guy, and they both reply no. I don’t think the guy is going to last very long, just my own personal intuition. After the dirty guys have left, Bob pulls out some money with blood on it and tells Marv he needs to take a look inside the bag the money came out of. Of course Marv is playing the tough guy role…because he is a tough guy and says he doesn’t need to look.I have a feeling these guys better find the money fast or they’re going to end up looking like our comfortable friend in the van.

Oh look it’s Bob playing with a dog by the ocean, and he tells the dog not to look in the bag that he’s pulling its toy from. Awwww look at the pit bull!!! She’s so cute! Yes that’s right I’m assuming it’s a she. Wait why can’t the dog look in the bag? Bob what’s in there. Well whatever it is, it belongs in the ocean.

Marv starts reminiscing about how the bar used to be his, but you know what? His name is still on the front of it. He starts getting all tough and sentimental and then Bob brings him back down to earth.

“It’s over.”

That line is always amazing to hear. We see some money exchange hands at the bar, Noomi Rapace crying, and Bob explaining that he’s not one of the men who deals with. He’s not a dirty man, he’s a good man. A good man in a bad place and situation. A type of anti-hero in a way. He’s the perfect protagonist…oh wait.

Oh crap looks like some guy might be ready to get rough with Noomi Rapace!

Oh no Cousin Marv is going back down memory lane.

“…I was respected and I was feared, and that meant something!”

Oh no he’s going to do something desperate. Well according to Bob, he thinks Marv is going to do something desperate. Wait wait wait, did he just ask if Marv was doing something that they couldn’t clean up this time? Oh crap they were real tough guys back in the day. Well Bob really cleans up well…get it? Cleans up well, because apparently they cleaned up something back in the day because neither one of them got caught. Then Bob doesn’t even look like a tough guy, and plus he is Tom Hardy. So he cleans up pretty well indeed, in all three of those aspects. It was an awful joke yes, but it got my point across.

“There are some sins you commit, that you can’t come back from.”

Well the movie looks…decent I guess. The writing seems a bit ehh, or maybe it’s the way the lines are delivered in the trailer. The movie just doesn’t excite me. It looks like it will be good, and I hope that will be. Especially since it is one of the last that James Gandolfini did before his untimely death. I’m just not impressed at the moment. Well it comes out September 12th. You should go check it out if this movie seems right up your alley. I may check it out but I’m not sure yet. Alright that’s it for this one, adios!



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