About The Blog

Well hey hey hey there. How are you on this fine day?  Don’t worry I’ll wait…just go ahead and type it on your keyboard. I promise, I won’t get it. Just like you didn’t get this joke. Anyways welcome to the blog! I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. Here on Block These Busters Up, we’re taking on trailers. Every week I will take at least two trailers and break ’em down in the most simplest sense ever. Most simplest sense ever meaning, in the best possible way a young college kid can. I’m just writing what I see and what I think you might want to read. My humor is clearly a little off, and I clearly don’t care. I only care enough to warn you.

So why not review movies instead of trailers? Movies are too long, and in order for me to write a review I have to take notes during the movie and pause every five seconds. I have too many thoughts at once.

Trailers are so much shorter, and they take a lot less time to re-watch. Also I tend to base my opinion of a movie before I see it on the trailer, like most people. My thing is that the opinion I usually have reflects those of many others after they have seen the film. Thank God, it’s been a gift that has saved me a lot of time. I just want to share my opinion and give reviews based on what I see. I hope you stick around a read a little bit. I hope it interests you, and I hope you have fun reading. Have a wonderful and fun-filled day!

If you ever want to tell me how the movie turned out after reading my review and then seeing it don’t hesitate. I’m up to hear whatever it is you have to say. Tell me I was dead wrong, or spot on. Either is welcome.

Oh, and follow the blog! No really follow the blog. I like doing this for fun and all but really…I’d like to know someone is reading this stuff. Besides me.

Now you have the same posts here on BlogSpot and Tumblr. Follow me here or there. It doesn’t matter child, as long as you’re following.




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