What Am I Saying?!

Hey there ladies and gents, thought I should create a new page as I’m creating new phrases. Over the course of the few reviews I’ve done, I have finally come to the point where I’m starting to make up phrases or words to explain things. This is a landmark for me…I guess. I don’t know it might not be that significant…no wait it is…yeah…wait no….yes, yes it is.

Well here’s our first phrase:

An Up The Creek Opening/Moment :

This opening or moment shows how desperate a certain character is. Now these are important because desperation often fuels the story. Desperation is a cause for action. I’ve never seen it fail to move a character. When this involves an opening to a trailer or even a movie it’s usually the protagonist who is up the creek without a paddle. This sense of desperation gives the audience sympathy, and really helps give the image that the character is the protagonist of the story. Even if they are an anti-hero, a character who is in relate able stress and desperation is usually adopted as the protagonist of the story. Even though sometimes the antagonist can be up the creek in the beginning, and it helps describe why they became the antagonist. Or they can be up the creek later on in the movie, which usually means the protagonist is kicking but.

More to come as the writing continues!


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